We write songs about people from world history!

On the History Hunter’s first hunt, he transformed many stories into songs with his magical guitar.
They are now available on CD Vol1.

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CD Vol1 is available with a 'sing-along' picture book.
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Django Reinhardt,
One the world's greatest guitar players.
France (1940s)

Pancho Villa,
Mexico (1900s)

Granny Nanny,
Jamaican National Hero.
Jamaica (1700s)

Pablo Picasso,
The genesis paint of our century Spain (1950s)genisis

The last Aztec leader  
Mexico (c1400 A.D.)

He created a spinning dance that is still performed today.
Persia (c1200 A.D.)

Thao Suranaree,
Thai National Hero
Thailand (1850s)

Nelson Mandela,
An Africian freedom fighter.
South Africa (1960s)