History Hunter - The Story

The History Hunter story is a tale of a traveling troubadour with a great passion for the stories of people who have dared to step forth with courage and belief in their life purpose and destiny. Set in a fanciful, imaginary world, our unlikely hero one day finds a mysterious object in an old book which he shows to his grandfather who explains that the object is called a “sikuli”.

A “sikuli” contains the significant story of a person’s life. If placed in his magical guitar, the story will come alive and be transformed into a song. His grandfather, who reveals that he was the original History Hunter, encourages his grandson to seek out the sikulis of remarkable people from the giant “Book of World History” and share the songs with the children of the world so they will never be forgotten. Thus, is born the History Hunter (played by Richie Castro).

Setting off into the pages of the “Book of World History”, our brave seeker encounters a lively sprite called “Scout” (played by Reggie McCullough) who had once aided his grandfather. She knows where the “sikulis” are hidden. She agrees to help him and soon they have gathered many “sikulis”.

However, our hero soon encounters the dark, destructive force lurking in the “Book” in the form of the wicked Page Crow who destroys every “sikuli” he finds. Inevitably, the History Hunter comes to blows with Page Crow. Successfully chasing him off, he finds a severely wounded “sikuli” left behind. To save this “sikuli”, the History Hunter embarks on a dangerous journey back in time on a magical blanket. After successfully overcoming many successive challenges and obstacles the wounded “sikuli” is healed and restored.

Our History Hunter comes to recognize his life mission to recover the lost stories of our ancestors that contain the wisdom and inspiration children need and long for, before they are lost forever.